Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Award Winners

Hector Simoudis and Jonny Havey from “Pineapple Love”
The Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Award Winners:

1) The “Best Animated Comedy Film” Award:
“The Olympians” Directed by Jeffrey Tomaszewski (Portland, CT)”

2) The “Best Actor” Award:
Seth Coltan in “obSETHed: Memorial Day” (Los Angeles, CA)

3) The “Best Actress” Award:
Frankie Ingrassia in “Flipped the Script” (Los Angeles, CA)

4) The “Best Cinematography” Award:
Yash Khanna, Cinematographer for “How to Get Girls” (Philadelphia, PA)

5) The “Best “Comedy Short Screenplay” Award:
“GCC Strong” Written by Keegan Moore (Fort Worth, TX)

6) The “Best Dark Comedy Film” Award:
“Jihadi Street” Directed by Yulia Fomenko (New York, NY)
7) The “Best Director” Award:
Cynthia Kao for “Groundhog Day For a Black Man” (Los Angeles, CA)

8) The “Best Editing” Award:
Alan Wagner and Lance Khazei for “NAMCAR Night race” (Los Angeles, CA)

9) The “Best Ensemble Cast” Award:
“Honor Council” Directed by Scott Simonsen (Los Angeles, CA)

10) The “Best Feature Film” Award:
“How to Get Girls” Directed by Zach Fox and Omri Doriani (Philadelphia, PA)

11) The “Best Feature Film Screenplay” Award:
“American Hero” Written by Mikhael Bassilli (Los Angeles, CA)

12) The “Best Microshort Film” Award:
“Groundhog Day For a Black Man” Directed by Cynthia Kao (Los Angeles, CA)

13) The “Best Mockumentary Film” Award:
“The Ballboy” Directed by Shannon O’Hara (Los Angeles, CA)

14) The “Best Music Video” Award:
“Prepared (preparing for audition season)” Directed by Elizabeth Eckert-Ross & T Scott Ross 

15) The “Best Oregon Film” Award:
“Deep in the Artist” (Portland, OR)
16) The “Best Original Music” Award:
Cameron Washington in “Five Star Service” (San Francisco, CA)

17) The “Best Short Film” Award:
“Pineapple Love” Directed by Jonny Havey (Colorado)

18) The “Best Supporting Actor” Award:
Peter Carlone in “Grocery Store Action Movie” (Vancouver, Canada)

19) The “Best Supporting Actress” Award:
Jess Gabor in “Honor Council” (Los Angeles, CA)

20) The “Most Original Concept” Award:
“Drive-Thru” Directed by John Jennings (Chicago, IL)

21) The “Single Funniest Moment” Award:
“Get Staffed!” (London, England)

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